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“Vintra Verdicts” will be a regular blog posting about the successes our clients experience using our video analytics solution, FulcrumAI.

Who — A detective had collected 90+ hours of surveillance footage from a recent incident that took place at a busy retail store. 

What — The detective was tasked with finding the witness in the 90+ hours of footage that was collected from the store. He needed to validate the witness’s statement. The footage was collected from cameras covering the main entrances and counters. There were hundreds of people present in the footage. 

How — The detective signed up for our free-trial of FulcrumAI. Within minutes, he had easily created an account and uploaded the nearly four day’s worth of footage into FulcrumAI. He then created a new Subject by simply uploading a picture of the witness into the solution and entering some basic info pertinent to his case. After the video was processed and fully indexed at 6x speeds, the detective logged back in and was able to simultaneously search the 90+ hours of footage.


Verdict — In 1.5 hours of work, using FulcrumAI’s Subject Search feature (face recognition), the detective found the witness in the top 5% of the results, representing the highest confidence, of the nearly 700 face detections. In the end, the detective saved 98% of the time he would have spent reviewing the video thanks to FulcrumAI.

Going forward, the detective can use the “Trusted Video Contributor” feature which allows the detective to send an email from FulcrumAI, with a secure URL video upload link, to the security official at the retail store. The store’s video can be uploaded directly into the detective’s case, saving even more time and resources.


Click here to see how FulcrumAI is being used by our customers.

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