• Person of Interest

Person of Interest

As part of a security team’s efforts to better secure their facilities, using and managing both blocklists and safelists can be a challenging yet valuable tool in their arsenal. Often, these lists are generated and managed utilizing the badge photo and employee information that is housed in their corporate directory.

With a strong approach to managing and monitoring both approved and non-approved individuals, security professionals can increase their situational awareness, more rapidly respond to potential issues and quickly investigate issues throughout their campus.

Monitor, alert and respond to security issues involving persons of interest​

With Vintra Fortify, security teams can easily establish and manage persons of interest, alerting security members when a known POI arrives on campus and tries to enter the facility. These POIs can exist in their existing blocklist or could be an on-the-fly “Be On the Lookout” (BOLO) addition.

For live video content, the security team is able to instantly be alerted when POIs enter the facility, while also keeping tabs on crowds in high foot-traffic areas such as lobbies and other waiting areas. When an alert is triggered, the team can quickly assess the threat level, monitor it closely and react accordingly.

Additional person of interest aspects of Vintra Fortify include:

  • Low-bias computer vision model. With our purpose-built, better-trained models, search results have a lower level of bias based on independent validation – resulting in better detail and fewer false search returns
  • Re-ID. With Vintra’s re-identification technology, users can quickly determine the “user journey” of a person of interest across multiple cameras and fields of view, using either a face or an entire-body signature. Users can also receive a face alert and then perform a body-based Re-ID on that individual
  • Live Re-ID. Building on our Re-ID technology, users can also create an alert on this result that stays active for the following four hours, helping teams quickly identify the current location of the POI and act accordingly

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