• Critical Infastructure

Trusted Video Analytics Software For Critical Infrastructure.

Turn Any Camera into a Smart Camera

Installing new cameras is time consuming and costly in critical infrastructure environments. Vintra Fortify powers fast search and smart alerts on nearly any type of existing camera, including fixed, PTZ, and mobile surveillance (in-vehicle, dash, body, and drone-base) feeds

Meet Compliance and Regulatory Standards

Vintra Fortify is uniquely capable of helping meet important compliance and regulatory standards like NERC CIP by providing AI-powered intelligence for proactive, real-time, and post-event use cases in a single application. Set smart alerts for intrusions, boundary crossings, blocklists, and safelists. Search for a wide range of objects and events based on descriptive and unique attributes that are key to critical infrastructure protection.

Deploy and Buy Flexibly

Vintra Fortify’s modern, containerized tech is available for on-premises or cloud deployments that can support small scale substations (10 cameras) or large scale (100’s of cameras) camera deployments and the review of high-scale, high-noise recorded video. And we realize that threats don’t wait around for budget cycles so we offer an OPEX buying model that includes hardware, software, support, and upgrades for an affordable monthly subscription price.

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