• Critical Area Protection

Critical Area Protection

For security teams, maintaining and monitoring access to restricted areas is an everyday essential aspect of their efforts. Vintra Fortify provides a simple-to-set up, easy-to-use approach for better protection of critical areas, such as front lobbies, manufacturing floors, lab entrances, records rooms and so much more.

Using AI-Powered video analytics to fortify your secure areas ​

Our flexible, software platform makes your existing cameras smarter, giving you the ability to quickly search video from any source (either fixed or mobile, live or recorded), alert on specific zone intrusions and drastically reduce investigation times.

Additional critical area protection aspects of Vintra Fortify include:

  • Zone creation and alerting. Users can quickly set up specific zones to monitor, including specific aspects such as direction of travel, loitering and crowding – and quickly alert on any potential issues before they become security threats
  • Help manage tailgating. Using an open API framework, Vintra Fortify can quickly play an important role in by preventing tailgating occurrences where multiple people enter restricted areas using a single badge
  • Speed up investigations. To better understand and mitigate future security issues, our AI-powered video analytics can drastically reduce investigation times, spotting key security breaches and allowing your security team to quickly remediate behavior or alter policy to better secure your facilityy

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