• Vintra BI

Derive valuable insights from your security data – and share them across the organization.

Security teams now oversee an increasingly valuable organizational asset: Granular data coming off their cameras and access control readers about what is happening in their physical space. Vintra BI enables our customers to leverage all of the data that is generated by security cameras.

Use visual insights from your security cameras to better run your organization

With a complex network of security cameras, badge access readers and guard staff monitoring tools, security leaders for years have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available and how to best gain insights about their organization.

And with all of this metadata, even if this information was easily accessible and could show real insights, what would be the best means by which that data could be shared with other key groups across the organization, such as real estate, operations and HR?

With our Vintra BI module, security leaders now have an easy ability to leverage machine learning on their video analytics metadata, resulting in valuable insights regarding such things as employee occupancy and usage, office traffic flows, employee safety and so much more.

A few key use cases include:

  • Identifying liabilities sooner. In the field of environmental health and safety and compliance, each undetected incident can have price tags of hundreds of thousands of dollars if a workplace injury or compliance infraction occurs. Video analytics can help detect incidents faster and drive policy changes to change employee behavior and avoid future liabilities
  • Optimizing real estate operations. Real estate and facilities teams have a voracious appetite to understand when, where and how their physical environments are being used. Space utilization, traffic flow and density are all key inputs to this effort, and security teams can provide valuable data into designing and executing the “Next Normal” for how enterprises get work done
  • Smarter vendor management. Did the maintenance crew fulfill their contractual obligations over the last six months? What about that parking lot snow removal company? Your video analytics knows the answer to these questions and so much more

Share these insights with other parts of the organization

Vintra BI is a complete solution, delivered to you as a single module that works seamlessly with Vintra Fortify. The module includes predefined dashboards (created via Tableau). We will work with you to build out your use case and support the integration of Vintra BI into your environment.

The metadata that is generated by Vintra BI can also be shared with other parts of the organization via our industry-leading and open API. Many of our customers have dedicated software developers on their analytics team that can use the data generated by Vintra and feed it, using our API, to other parts of the organization. This can be realized through business intelligence visualization tools or directly into the applications those other departments use, such as HR software or real estate space planning software.

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