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Our industry-leading solution uses proprietary, world-class deep learning to make your VMS and cameras — either fixed or mobile — smarter, transforming security video into actionable, trusted and tailored intelligence.

Vintra Fortify supports a wide variety of use cases, including:

Perimeter Protection

AI-powered video analytics to better-protect the perimeter.

Critical Area Protection

Use AI-powered video analytics to fortify your secure areas.

Unauthorized Access

Know who is a potential Issue – before they become a threat.


Close cases faster by accurately searching hours and days of video for the things that matter​.

Person of Interest

Monitor, alert and respond to security issues involving persons of interest​.


Better understand and monitor crowd sizes using AI​.

Correlation Analysis

Quickly establish distinct patterns, match events to those patterns and find anomalies where known patterns are violated.

Business Intelligence

Derive valuable insights from your security data – and share them across the organization.

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