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Vintra Fortify 1.11 product release notes

March 23, 2022

Welcome to 1.11! The team has been working hard to continually improve the Vintra Fortify platform and are thrilled to share with you all of the new updates of this latest release.

Live Re-ID

Live Re-ID, which builds on Vintra’s class-leading re-identification technology, allows users to find where a face, person or vehicle is across multiple cameras and create an alert on this result that stays active for the following four hours. While this technology has been available for a for face-based applications (blocklist), Vintra is now expanding it for use in select environments for people (whole body) and vehicles.

Crowd Size Alerts

Crowd Size Alerts, which allow security and safety teams to detect situations that are abnormal and thus have a potential of creating issues, such as too many people in a small area, too few people in a particular area or no one in an area in which there should be at least one person.

Mute Alerts

Mute Alerts, which allow users to inform the system about false positive alerts so that the same object does not trigger additional alerts in the future. A key aspect of this feature is Vintra’s unique ML technology, which performs extremely well in situations where an object signature changes throughout the day (e.g. as day moves to night). As a result, users enjoy a continual reduction in false positives and better overall system performance over time.

One-click VMS Importing

One-click VMS Importing, which allows users to cost-effectively make any already-recorded video searchable with a single click. This feature simplifies the process of importing video from your VMS for post-event investigations and presents the “easiest pathway to AI” for your security team.

1.9 product release notes

February 3rd, 2021

Improved Situational Awareness


We redesigned our rule engine to provide more context when an alert is produced so GSOC operators have more situational awareness about an event. Users can now see more data about what triggered an alert, system confidence levels, and be informed when the rule condition is not true anymore.

Confidence Levels


Vintra’s analytics work out of the box in most applications, without the need for cumbersome learning or training processes. Users who desire more granular control can easily tweak individual rules and object classes directly in the system, without the need for an admin console or hidden menu.

Notifications & Alarms


New ways to receive notifications within the Alerts view.

New ways to receive notifications of new alarms on the desktop, including browser pop-ups, and tab notifications.



New ways to share information with 3rd party systems, including API extensions, SMTP notifications, and Kafka messages. Additional enhancements have been made to our Genetec and SureView integrations as well.

Refine Search Results


Additional capabilities to refine search results, including filtering by object confidence levels and filtering out single detections of objects to find segments of video with the most relevant results faster.

1.8 product release notes

New Face Classifiers

New / Updated

Our 1.8 product release includes enhancements to our face search capabilities to help to detect a person’s face given occlusions, personal accessories and other defining human characteristics. The new classifiers include a face covering detector, glasses, and gender (male/female). These new classifiers are most representative of a person’s face and will help to accurately classify a face versus a non-face image and improve overall accuracy.

Multi-Class Targets and Target Lists


Users can now create ‘vehicle’ and ‘body’ targets from detections (previously could only use a ‘face’ detection to create a new target).

Create a new target from a face, body or vehicle and include them in a Target List. Combine as many targets as you want and search for them in post-event investigations or in real-time across multiple camera streams.

Multi-Class Targets and Target Lists


Apply sub-filters and sorting search results in different ways including similarity, source, target name and time.

Target Tracker

New / Updated

Target Tracker searches are now capable to re-identify a person or vehicle target across a month’s worth of data from a large number of cameras (on-premises version).

Upgraded database to power our Target Tracker re-identification based searches, resulting in a 1- to 2-order of magnitude improvement on most searches (on-premises version).

Improvements to tracking via new/better models for generating target signatures.

System Installation & Operation

Updated / Fixed

Rebuilt system installer to improve initial installations and upgrades, both online and offline (on-premises version).


Updated / Fixed

Updated the API Region-of-Interest filter so users can retrieve just the portion of an object’s path that falls within a specific region.

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