• Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

Defined as “systems and technologies that protect people and assets within a facility and its grounds by blocking unauthorized physical intrusions across the perimeter,” physical perimeter security is often an organization’s first line of defense against security threats. For security teams, one of their greatest challenges is their ability to monitor fences, parking lots and other key external access points.

To do so, security professionals have deployed a litany of tools and techniques to delay, deter and detect intrusion: video detection, intrusion detection, access control, security fencing and gates, and barriers and bollards – just to name a few. The type of systems and technologies deployed will depend on the likely intrusion risks, which can range from vandalism and large-scale protests, to criminal theft, espionage and – at worst – terrorism.

But deploying these security solutions does not always come easily. Traditional perimeter security systems can come at a high cost, including the need for regular guard patrols and other tools, including drones, dash cams and body cams. Additionally, traditional perimeter intrusion detection systems are also susceptible to false alarms caused by animals, weather, etc.

AI-Powered video analytics to better protect the perimeter

Vintra Fortify provides an easy, cost-effective solution to the challenge of strong perimeter protection. Our flexible software platform makes your existing cameras smarter, giving you the ability to quickly search video from any source (either fixed or mobile, live or recorded), alert on specific zone intrusions and drastically reduce investigation times. Additionally, Vintra Fortify allows you to respond smarter during critical events by being able to instantly locate people, vehicles and other objects or behaviors of interest.

It’s like a 24/7 guard tour that never takes a rest or misses a minute of work. Additional features include:

  • The latest in AI-powered intelligence. Set smart alerts for intrusions, boundary crossings, blocklists, and safelists. Search for a wide range of objects and events based on descriptive and unique attributes that are critical to intelligence operations
  • The ability to balance privacy and security. Looking to adhere to your organization’s privacy policies while maintaining a high level of security? The Vintra solution does not require a face to search for an individual
  • Force multiplying your security team, enabling them to focus on the issues that matter most, rather than staring at a video screen

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