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Meet FulcrumAI

Vintra’s AI-powered video analytics solutions deliver actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence from any camera source. It can be deployed on-premises for real-time analysis, and in the cloud for post-event investigations.

Any Video

Our next-gen algorithms work on video from any camera source, including any type of mobile camera.

Real Time

Analyze an unlimited number of IP cameras in real-time for a wide array of multi-class detections and events. FulcrumAI delivers total-environment intelligence.


Execute video investigations at 20x speed, save thousands of man hours, and collect video from the public with a click of the button.

Customized Analytics

Vintra's cutting-edge deep learning platform supports customizable analytics through our Analytics Foundry.

Beyond Face Recognition

Our industry-leading face recognition and subject search is just a drop in the bucket of our capabilities. We deliver world-class multi-class detections, powered by deep learning, to the end user.

Robust Rules Engine

Create real-time alerts and alarms around multi-class detections, zones of interests, face recognition, subject search and more.

FulcrumAI can suit your needs, whatever the use-case


FulcrumAI delivers an instant ROI by increasing the productivity and capacity of operators and investigators, reducing risks to people and assets, enabling lightning fast incident resolution, and providing total-environment intelligence in real-time that optimize how physical spaces are used, secured, and operated.

FulcrumAI powers a 20x improvement in central monitoring and video review through cutting-edge collection, analysis, sharing and collaboration tools. The comprehensive approach to video analytics enables camera operators and investigators to stop watching and start solving. Additionally, FulcrumAI’s cloud and on-premises deployment options gives agencies maximum flexibility in choosing how to get started and scale.

Public Safety

And More...

FulcrumAI can be deployed in other verticals like higher education, transportation, critical infrastructure and more.

See how FulcrumAI can be a force multiplier for your organization

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White papers and case studies that explore how we deliver actionable intelligence and total-environment awareness to forward-thinking customers

The Analytics Foundry

"The Analytics Foundry enables Vintra customers to have custom-made algorithms built to solve their unique security and safety issues. We are democratizing artificial intelligence by putting the power of AI in the hands of the end user. In this paper, we will discuss the force-multiplying power of the Analytics Foundry, how it works, and provide a few practical use cases that will result in demonstrably better security and safety outcomes."

Case Study: Bet on Red

Vintra's total-environment, real-time video analytics solution was put to the test at an enterprise customer's massive, multi-purpose site. See how operators easily created blocklists and safelists, successfully identified a known suspect, and performed lightning fast multi-class detection search of 13 hours of video to find persons wearing red shirts entering through an extremely busy entryway.

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