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Meet FulcrumAI

Vintra’s AI-powered video analytics solution delivers actionable intelligence from any type of real-world video, including mobile surveillance, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. It delivers demonstrative value as a real-time solution connected directly to your organization's camera network, or as a stand-alone solution for fast and accurate investigations.

Works With Any Video

Our next-gen algorithms work on any type of real-world video, in nearly any codec, from both fixed and mobile cameras, including surveillance, dash, body cams & drones. Legacy analytics only work on fixed video in stable lighting environments.


FulcrumAI is a force multiplier, able to analyze an unlimited number of your existing IP cameras in real-time for face recognition, custom analytics, watchlists, intrusions, boundary crossings, people, vehicles, selected objects, direction of travel, color, and more.


Execute video investigations at 20x speed, save thousands of man hours, and collect video from the public with a click of the button. Powerful features include face identification, biometric, object, and attribute search capabilities.

Customized Analytics

Vintra's cutting-edge deep learning platform supports customizable analytics. Our team of PhD's work with customers to engineer their own customized analytics to fit their needs through our Analytics Foundry.

Scalable & Feature Rich

Augment how video is monitored, reviewed, collected, and how your team collaborates and takes action on cases and events using Vintra’s full suite of tools. Scale up as needed with our flexible cloud and on-premises solution, perfect for both post-event investigations and real-time monitoring.

Responsive Support

Each organization is assigned an on-boarding specialist, and every question and support ticket is answered quickly by our responsive & knowledgable support team.

Fulcrum AI can suit your needs, whatever the use-case


Supercharge your security operations center and team using FulcrumAI. As fixed and mobile surveillance video become the sensor of choice for the modern enterprise, it is impossible and inefficient to put eyes on every camera. FulcrumAI delivers an instant ROI by increasing the productivity and capacity of operators and investigators, reducing risks to people and assets, enabling lightning fast incident resolution, and providing critical insights that optimize how physical spaces are used, secured, and operated.

Video data is exploding in size and is now a critical component to most public safety strategies, and involved in almost every investigation. The sheer volume of available video, and the man hours required to review it, overwhelms many public safety and intelligence agencies. FulcrumAI powers a 20x improvement in central monitoring and video review through cutting-edge collection, analysis, sharing and collaboration tools. The comprehensive approach to video analytics enables camera operators and investigators to stop watching and start solving. Additionally, FulcrumAI’s cloud or on-premises deployment options means agencies have maximum flexibility in choosing how to get started and scale.

Public Safety

And More...

FulcrumAI can be deployed in verticals like higher education, transportation, critical infrastructure, and more. Let us show you how FulcrumAI can optimize the way your physical spaces are used, secured, and operated.

See how FulcrumAI can be a force-multiplier for your organization

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White Papers and case studies about how we deliver actionable intelligence and situational awareness to forward-thinking customers

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Video​ Surveillance

"AI-powered algorithms, built from the ground up with the latest in deep learning technology, make it possible to rapidly monitor and search video for a wide variety of attributes, all in a fraction of the time it takes humans. AI-powered solutions effortlessly deliver Appearance, Biometric, Vehicle, Object, Scene and Demographic intelligence."

Case Study: The Running Man

Find out how a detective in a southwestern city was able to make a felony case, which included over 1500 videos that totaled 743 hours, all uploaded and processed by FulcrumAI, in just four hours of work on the detective's part.

Stop wasting time and money

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