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How It Works

Vintra’s solution makes your existing security cameras and video management system smarter. It ingests live streams or recorded clips from fixed or mobile security cameras and then uses purpose-built machine learning algorithms to detect objects and events that matter. It delivers accurate alerts and fast video search, and can be flexibly deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Industries We Protect


Safeguard single and distributed campuses with proactive AI-powered monitoring.

Higher Education

Provide world-class education in a safe and secure setting.


Ensure health and safety standards across your campus.

National Security

Transform large-scale video datasets into actionable intelligence.

Critical Infrastructure

Secure key assets and places with 24×7 automated monitoring.

Public Safety

Build smart and safe cities with AI-powered video analytics.

The Vintra Difference

  • Any Video. Vintra’s software makes your already-installed cameras smarter. Uniquely, it works on live or recorded video from fixed or mobile (dash, body, drone) security cameras
  • Flexible Deployment. Vintra’s containerized software can be deployed on-premise using off the shelf hardware or our AI appliance, or it can be deployed in the cloud. It integrates with a number of VMS and PSIM solutions
  • Industry-leading AI. Our end to end solution was built from the ground up using proprietary multi-class object and event detectors. We achieve up to 20 points of additional accuracy and deliver results 10x faster (measured on the KITTI dataset) than the Yolo or SSD based models that other companies use
  • Multiple Use Cases. We support accurate alerts for critical events like intrusions or anomalies, can Re-ID any person or vehicle across all of your cameras in real time, deliver an 80% reduction in video search time for post-event investigation, and provide robust case management…all in a single, easy-to-deploy solution

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