• Crowding


Understanding crowd formation and activity is often a “first line of defense” for any security team. With a higher level of situational awareness regarding potential situations throughout their facility, security professionals can quickly assess a given situation and understand how best to react and mitigate.

Better understand and monitor crowd sizes using AI​

With Vintra Fortify, security professionals now can quickly detect situations that are abnormal and thus have a potential of creating issues, such as too many people in a small area, too few people in a particular area or no one in an area in which there should be at least one person.

Our software can detect these issues, alert out on them across different areas and security teams can quickly mitigate and remediate issues before they become threats.

Additional crowding aspects of Vintra Fortify include:

  • Zone creation and alerting. Users can quickly set up specific zones to monitor, including specific aspects such as direction of travel, loitering and crowding – and quickly alert on any potential issues before they become security threats
  • The ability to balance privacy and security. Looking to adhere to your organization’s privacy policies while maintaining a high level of security? The Vintra solution can monitor crowding without detecting or storing any PII
  • Force multiplying your security team, enabling them to focus on the issues that matter most, rather than staring at a video screen

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