• Vintra Fortify

Force-Multiply Your Security Efforts With AI-Powered Video Analytics.

Vintra offers a purpose-built video intelligence solution that makes any existing security camera — whether fixed or mobile — smarter, with accurate critical-event alerts, lightning-fast video search and endless integration capabilities. It utilizes off-the-shelf hardware, can be deployed in a multitude of ways and is supported by a network of world-class partners as an integrated solution.

Vintra Fortify is offered in two different ways: ​

  • Vintra Prevent is our enterprise-grade solution for real-time video. Typically used by organizations that have GSOCs and their own set of hundreds or thousands of cameras, it automatically indexes video streams and enables new security workflows to be created via accurate event alerting and instant search
  • Vintra Investigate is used by dedicated post-event teams to automate the mission-critical, laborious review of already-recorded, 3rd-party video

Enterprise security leaders can use a single solution on their already installed cameras to detect potential threats earlier, respond to ongoing incidents smarter and dramatically increase investigative results.

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze an unlimited number of IP cameras for a wide variety of multi-class detections, select objects, direction of travel, zones of interest, custom analytics and more.

Investigative Video Review

Lightning fast search across all your owned cameras and easily introduce stored video from any camera source into the solution and perform powerful post-event searches.

Cost-Effectively Scale

Vintra’s solution has been optimized to the very latest in GPU servers, affording up to 80 cameras on a single server that can be purchased off-the-shelf.

Alerts That Work

Flexible, accurate, and easy to set-up alerts for watchlists, event detections and more. Vintra’s AI doesn’t overwhelm security operators with the false positives common in legacy analytics.

VMS Integrations

Vintra integrates with popular VMS providers such as Genetec, delivering a seamless, easy-to-use experience to the operator.

Superior Face Recognition

Our face recognition engine is purpose-built for video surveillance scenarios including BOLOs, blocklists, subject search, person Re-ID and access verification needs.

Vintra solution in action

Vintra allows our operators to find and focus on what matters most in real time, saving our company countless work hours.

VMS Integrations

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