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After a security event, time is of the essence. Security teams need to quickly establish details regarding the incident, including a timeline, an understanding of who is involved and the activity that occurred. For many security professionals, the task of sorting through hours and hours of recorded video is both time consuming and extremely taxing on their team – often resulting in inaccurate details and a compromised investigation.

Close Cases Faster by Accurately Searching Hours and Days of Video for the Things That Matter

Vintra Investigate is the first video analytics solution that has been built from the ground up using cutting-edge AI-algorithms that empowers investigators and analysts to complete days of video review in minutes. Instead of examining hours of video through a Play button, investigators are able to extract critical, actionable intelligence within minutes of video being uploaded and processed, helping them to solve cases quickly and efficiently.

Typically used by dedicated post-event teams that undertake mission-critical, laborious review of already-recorded, 3rd-party video, Vintra Investigate can accept both fixed and mobile video feeds and quickly analyze hours and hours of footage, freeing up valuable resources to quickly locate bad actors.

Additional aspects of Vintra Investigate include:

  • Works With Any Recorded Video. Upload content from any video source, whether fixed or mobile. Additionally, recorded videos can quickly be imported from a supported VMS, providing an easy way to broaden your search with stored media
  • Lightning-fast Object and Event Search. Close cases faster by accurately searching hours and days of cameras for objects, people and events that matter – with up to 10x speed
  • Integrated Case Management and Reporting. Quickly create cases of recent incidents for sharing with internal and external partners

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