• Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized Access

Understanding exactly who is entering, spending time at and departing your facility is a key situational aspect of any security effort. Who exactly is that individual that has been across my campus three times now, trying to enter various buildings via secure gates and doors?

Know Who is a Potential Issue – Before it Becomes a Threat

With Vintra Fortify, security teams have an AI-powered video analytics solution that can force-multiply their security efforts, helping drive high levels of situational awareness and helping ensure that the right individuals have access to the correct personnel, places and assets.

Our flexible, open API-based software platform adds a layer of intelligence to your existing cameras, giving you the ability to quickly search video from any source (either fixed or mobile, live or recorded), alert on unauthorized access issues and drastically reduce post-event investigation times.

Additional unauthorized access aspects of Vintra Fortify include:

  • Re-ID. With Vintra’s re-identification technology, users can quickly determine the “user journey” of a person of interest across multiple cameras and fields of view, using either a face or an entire body signature
  • Live Re-ID. Building on our Re-ID technology, users can also create an alert on this result that stays active for the following four hours, helping teams quickly identify the current location of the POI (using a reference image of their face or full body) and act accordingly
  • Help manage fraudulent badge-use tailgating. Using an open API framework, Vintra Fortify can quickly play an important role in identity verification, preventing tailgating occurrences where multiple people enter restricted areas using a single badge

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