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Total-Environment Intelligence for Your Enterprise Facility.

Balance Privacy & Security

Looking to adhere to your organization’s privacy policies while maintaining a high level of security? The Vintra solution does not require a face to search for an individual.

Minimize False Alarms

No one has time to review alerts one by one. Vintra’s market-leading AI provides greater accuracy and speed than any video analytics solution available today.

Manage Unauthorized Access

Ensure your perimeter, critical access points and secure areas are monitored 24/7.

Minimize Workplace Violence

Quickly identify persons of interest, Re-ID them across your campus and trigger an alert to resolve a potentially dangerous situation.

A Purpose-built Solution

Future-proof your security infrastructure with industry-leading technology, built-in reporting and an open-API approach.

Force-multiply Your Security Team

Enable your security team to focus on the safety and wellbeing of your employees rather than stare at a video screen.

By The Numbers

15 M

Security guards

4 B

Hours monitoring video

$ 40 B

In wages spent

“Our security team uses Vintra to build watchlists of individuals that are threats to our staff and organization. We previously had security personnel attempt to monitor key entrances in real-time — we now get real-time alerts. It required no special cameras or custom hardware to deploy, and worked out of the box with great accuracy.”

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Whether you are in corporate security, environmental health and safety, real estate or HR, there are six integral aspects regarding how to fortify your security and safety infrastructure in today’s dynamic workplace environment. Read our insights now!

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Decreasing Real Time Security Monitoring and Investigations Cost of your Security Program

Vintra enabled a large enterprise customer to index video in real-time, allowing investigators to initiate searches immediately upon receiving reports of an incident. Read the case study to learn how they leveraged the Vintra solution to increase suspect apprehension and decrease their case closure time.

Customer Story

Securing Corporate Campuses with AI Powered Video Analytics

Hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals enter large commercial and corporate buildings every day. As a security or safety stakeholder for a major multi-company office campus, you know all too well that there are extensive lists of persons – either safelists or blocklists – about whom you need to be notified when they enter the premises. Whether it’s a VIP, a disgruntled former employee or a known criminal, it is vital their presence is known so that your security team can react accordingly.

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