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At Vintra, we have developed an integrated platform designed to empower security professionals to create the safest and smartest environments possible. Deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, our solution consists of the following:

Vintra Fortify

Our total solution that covers both real-time video as well as post-event investigations.

Vintra Prevent

Our enterprise-grade solution for real-time video. Vintra Prevent automatically indexes video streams and enables new security workflows to be created via accurate event alerting and instant search.

Vintra Investigate

Our post-event investigation tool. Vintra Investigate is used by dedicated post-event teams that undertake mission-critical, laborious review of already-recorded video.

Vintra IQ

Quickly establish distinct patterns, match events to those patterns and find anomalies where known patterns are violated.

Vintra BI

Derive valuable insights from your security data – and share them across the organization.

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