• Vintra Prevent

Real-time monitoring & alerting for your enterprise.

Vintra Prevent is our enterprise-grade solution for real-time video. Typically used by organizations that have GSOCs and their own set of hundreds or thousands of cameras, it automatically indexes video streams and enables new security workflows to be created via accurate event alerting and instant search.

Real-time, AI-powered Object & Event Detection

Ability to detect a learned object — with or without movement — such as people (either face or entire body), two- or four-wheeled vehicles, bags, long guns or person-down.

Powerful Rules & Alerts

Detect security threats and safety events through a powerful rules engine that monitors cameras 24/7 and sends alerts to popular VMS, PSIM systems and beyond.


Quickly re-identify a potential threat across multiple disparate cameras throughout your facility.

Advanced AI

AI technology that is faster, more accurate and more flexible at a lower hardware price point.

Cost-effective Scale

Vintra’s solution has been optimized to the very latest in GPU servers, affording the maximum amount of cameras on a single off-the-shelf server.

Extensible API

An API-first approach to easily connect with your other core enterprise applications.

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