• About Us


Vintra makes AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform video from any camera source into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence, enabling our customers to build and maintain the safest and most productive organizations in the world.

Our Team

The Vintra team is staffed by leading PhD’s in deep learning, software engineers with hyperscale computing backgrounds, and a business team experienced in bringing new products to market. We are backed by Vertex Ventures and Bonfire Ventures.

What We’re Building

Comprehensive solutions that leverage deep learning across video and other data sources, to optimize and deliver actionable intelligence for enterprises and public sector organizations around security, safety and productivity.

Why It Matters

There are 2M+ instances of workplace violence in the U.S. annually. Outside the workplace, only 46% of the violent crimes and 19% of property crimes reported to police are solved. We combine AI and video to help our customers keep people and spaces safer and more productive than ever before.


Dr. Ariel Amato

CTO & Co-Founder

Brent Boekestein

CEO & Co-Founder

Guiding Principles

Vintra’s co-founders Dr. Ariel Amato and Brent Boekestein share their ideas regarding AI Technology. Read our “Guiding Principles to AI Technology Development”.