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AI-powered video analytics to make your existing cameras smarter.

Vintra’s guiding principles to AI technology​

Vintra builds and sells new technology that enables customers to derive valuable information from overwhelming amounts of video on a live and recorded basis. The technology we build, which is based on our own purpose-built, deep-learning powered algorithms, has the capability to provide meaningful social benefits by protecting and preserving human life, assets, and reputations at a greater efficiency and efficacy than ever before. Technology that can identify specific objects and generic or specific people and their associated attributes and activities has the capability to thwart terrorism and mass shooting attempts at offices and schools, identify kidnapped or missing children, detect potentially deadly objects, detect persons in need of urgent medical assistance and more. The same technology also has the potential to be used in ways that are a detriment to human life, assets, and reputations. This includes causing individual and societal harm that leads to loss of liberty, increased surveillance, and stereotype reinforcement due to algorithmic bias. For this reason, we want to be explicit, in both principal and via available legal mechanisms, as to how our technology shall be used.

Given the market demand in the emerging field of algorithmically influenced decision-making it is our mission and desire to be at the forefront for creating trusted technology. Additionally, we want to be transparent about how our technology is developed, reviewed, improved and used over time. All this said, we firmly believe the potential for societal and individual good from deep learning-powered systems as a whole far outweighs the risks. Furthermore, we believe that organizations that collect, store, manage and process data have an obligation to handle it responsibly, and we commit to doing so for our customers.

We commit to and adhere to the following Guiding Principles for the development and deployment of our technology:

  1. Scientific Rigor — As a technology company, led by a technical team deeply steeped in the scientific method, we commit to basing our entire research and development process on well-understood and long-standing scientific principles.
  2. Transparency — We will be transparent about the design, intention, and use of our A.I. technology with our customers.
  3. Disclosure — Organizations that use our solutions should communicate to their stakeholders what data is being collected and how it is being used.
  4. Bias — In order to avoid creating or reinforcing bias in A.I., we will draw on diverse data sets, both publicly available and privately built, during training and validation of the technology. We will not stop working until our technology detects and recognizes people of different skin tones, genders, or ages with equal accuracy.
  5. Trust — We have developed and will continue to evolve our internal processes to self-regulate the misuse of A.I. so we are setting the line rather than crossing it.
  6. Aligned Customers — We take all reasonable steps to ensure Vintra’s solutions are not sold to customers that will use the technology to violate individuals’ right to life, liberty and security of person without due process or just legal mandate.
  7. Accountability — We will make our products and services accountable to people. We will design A.I. systems that provide appropriate opportunities for feedback and our A.I. technologies will be subject to appropriate human direction and control. We will also make data easily available to potential customers about the accuracy of the technology when used on their own or publicly available datasets.
  8. Governance & Regulation — We will work together with other companies to self-regulate the industry and work with regulators to develop appropriate laws to govern the use of A.I.

If we find that the product usage terms have been violated, or in the event of any discovered non-compliance, our terms of use require the immediate cessation of use of the technology.

Lastly, as with all of our publicly available software services, we are constantly evaluating and updating them with new features and capabilities that continue to significantly enhance their overall performance. We continually analyze our technology to identify areas to improve performance and trust in our solution.

We believe that these principles lay the appropriate groundwork to guide our company as we continue to develop technology that will be used to create safer and more secure communities.

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