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Vintra’s company launch has been picked up by VentureBeat. “Vintra raises $4.8 million to analyze camera footage with AI”. The article includes great insights on the video analytics market from CEO Brent Boekestein. 

From the article

Security camera ownership is on the rise worldwide — Global Market Insights predicts that the IP camera market will cross $20 billion in revenue by 2024, driven by a 20 percent uptick in unit shipments. And those cameras will generate lots of footage. That’s why today most surveillance footage — as much as 95 percent, some estimate — goes unreviewed.

San Jose startup Vintra hopes to change that with an AI toolset capable of analyzing frames from any source. Today the company announced that it has raised $4.8 million from Bonfire Ventures, Vertex Ventures, London Venture Partners, and other investors. Vintra CEO Brent Boekestein says the funds will be used to acquire new customers and expand the company’s product offerings.

“Every year, billions of dollars in time and resources are spent on security personnel to monitor livestreams, as well as post-event investigations by law enforcement and analysts,” said Boekestein, who was previously vice president of sales and business development at Redwood Systems. “Vintra exists because we knew we could use computer vision and deep learning to build a new way forward for video analytics that took mobility and customization into account.”

To read the full article, click here. 

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