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Public Safety

The Bank Robbery

After detectives spent over 40 hours manually reviewing video, unsuccessfully attempting to identify a suspect's vehicle and face in video, the detectives used FulcrumAI and found their targets immediately. Not only did they discover new intelligence, but saved valuable time and money along the way.

Vintra Case Study, the Bank Robbery.
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Vintra Case Study, Video Analytics
Public Safety

The Running Man

Find out how a detective in a southwestern city was able to make a felony case, which included over 1500 videos that totaled 743 hours, all uploaded and processed by FulcrumAI, in just four hours of work on the detective's part.

Public Safety

Dublin, CA Police Services​

“Because we could go back and easily look at multiple days of footage, which we would’ve never been able to do before, we uncovered behavior we weren’t aware of, ultimately linking the car to similar crimes in neighboring towns." Police Detective - Dublin, California

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