Vintra + Genetec

Proactive prevention, increased situational awareness and post-event video forensics

FulcrumAI is now integrated with Security Center

SDK Integration

Security Center users will never have to leave the Genetec application. FulcrumAI is the CTRL F for Security Center operators.

Real-time, total-environment intelligence

from any camera source, fixed or mobile

Are you a Genetec customer looking for video analytics?

Inside FulcrumAI

Robust Rules Engine

Alarms and alerts generated by real-time rules are received in Security Desk’s Alarm Monitoring task and powered by advanced object detection, person identification & classification, vehicle identification & classification, and more.

Smart Intrusion

Users can search for and set alarms on a growing list of descriptive attributes within specific camera zones of interest, empowering operators with real-time situational awareness.

Security Center UI

FulcrumAI integrates directly with Security Center, giving users the powerful functionality of FulcrumAI within the familiar confines of Security Center's UI.

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