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Vintra’s weekly round-up of AI-related articles, blogs, videos, and papers we liked. 

Play video games AND train your neural nets See Mom, video games are useful! See the presentation here.

Graphics have become extremely realistic over the years. Games are codeable, enabling complex simulations. Simulating in-game helps you ignore low level tasks like movement animations and routing.

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Great read on what the next steps are for the AI market. Read the article here

… we need to move on from AI training and start to build up a marketplace (or app store, or central repository, or AI supermarket even… call it what you will) with battle-hardened, purpose-built, custom use-case aligned, tested and secure AI models that we can apply to specific functions in the enterprise.


The path to human-level AGI … and your new meditation guide! Read the article here.

… if we want our AGIs to absorb and understand human culture and values, the best approach will be to embed these AGIs in shared social and emotional contexts with people. I feel we are doing the right thing in our work with Sophia at Hanson Robotics; in recent experiments, we used Sophia as a meditation guide.

Dash cams for everyone! Tesla’s long-awaited dash cam functionality is comingRead the article here.

The update will essentially provide every Tesla owner with a free dash cam, allowing them to gather video footage after a collision or just for fun. All Tesla vehicles are equipped with eight cameras that work to enable the vehicles’ Autopilot functionality. Prior to this update, the direct video feeds from the cameras have been hidden from users and are reserved for Tesla’s internal use in the event of crashes.

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