Ai Patch Hack

In a recent SecurityInfoWatch article, Vintra CEO, Brent Boekestein, provides insight as to why the recent “hack” of a person identification algorithm is actually a good thing for the industry. In addition, the hack only proves to fortify Vintra’s stance on creating video analytics using proprietary algorithms. 

From the article:

Additionally, Boekestein says that the research also demonstrates the importance of using video analytic solutions built on proprietary models versus those that are open source and publicly available like YOLOv2.

“These proprietary models serve as a barrier as they limit any ‘bad actors’ ability to easily obtain and understand how to defeat,” Boekestein adds. “Moving forward, we’re excited by the ways firms like ours and the research community are collectively working on new ways to protect the integrity of these models so that their trustworthiness and the faith we place in these systems may continue to improve.”  

Read the article in full at and let us know what you think!


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