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Vintra’s weekly round-up of AI-related articles, blogs, videos, and papers we liked. 

How do you spot deepfakes? It’s all in the eyesRead the article here.

Without training images of people blinking, deepfake algorithms are less likely to create faces that blink normally. When we calculate the overall rate of blinking and compare that with the natural range, we found that characters in deepfake videos blink a lot less frequently in comparison with real people.

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Speaking of deepfakes… amazing video on video-to-video synthesis. Watch the video here.

The close ties to AI and “The Party” in China, and encouraging more healthy debates about AI in the USA. Read the article here.

China’s “national champions,” as well as start-ups and emerging enterprises, in AI are becoming ever more closely linked to party-state priorities, including development of surveillance capabilities. For instance, iFlytek—known for creating “China’s Siri”—which recently established a partnership with MIT, has also been involved in the development of surveillance capabilities in Xinjiang that leverage its smart voice technologies. There are numerous examples of facial recognition companies, such as Yitu Tech and SenseTime, that directly support policing and public security within a system in which these capabilities are often abused.

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