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Vintra CEO, Brent Boekestein, was recently quoted in the SDM article “Using Analytics for Video Monitoring”. The article details the challenges and changing landscape of the Central Monitoring Station (CMS), and how AI-powered video analytics solutions, like FulcrumAI, transform the day-to-day operations of the modern CMS. 

According to Boekestein, deploying the wrong video analytics solution can prove costly. From the article:

Boekestein says that there are consequences from inappropriate analytics or unusable data for the central station. “There is an increased cost because you are spending more time dealing with false positives and an … increased human-led investigation time. It impacts the ability to deliver cost-effective monitoring and timely reports. There is also a potential increase in risk for your customers, because if you have a solution that misses key attributes they want or secondarily creates so many false positives that you end up shutting the analytics off,” then that creates a problem, Boekestein explains.

Read the rest of the article here.

Are you looking for the right video analytics solution to incorporate into your central monitoring station? Our solution, FulcrumAI, works on video from any camera source and integrates with your existing VMS, like Genetec.

Speak with a Vintra Security Transformation Specialist today to learn more about how FulcrumAI delivers actionable, trusted intelligence in real time. 



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