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Vintra’s bi-weekly round-up of AI-related articles, blogs, videos, and papers we liked. 

Weapon detection in real time — and the company claims 99% accuracy.  Read the article here.

False positives can be a problem for computer vision systems, and that would be particularly troublesome for a security camera that has the ability to alert police directly. But the company claims its system’s gun detection is 99 percent accurate.

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MIT’s new deep learning software… It sees, it talks, it learns just like a toddler! Read the article here

Researchers at MIT have developed software with the same ability to learn to recognize objects in the world using nothing but raw images and spoken audio. The software examined about 400,000 images, each paired with a brief audio clip describing the scene. By studying these labels, the software was able to correctly label which portions of the picture contained each object mentioned in the audio description.


And for those of you who love hardware, a startup is challenging GPU chips. Read the article here.

According to the startup, its Goya chip is designed from scratch for deep learning inference, unlike GPUs or other types of chips that have been repurposed for this task.

AI, solving the complex issues of polysemy one Queen at a timeRead the article here.

This ability of words to have multiple meanings is called *polysemy*. And really, it’s the rule rather than the exception. Which meaning it is can usually be reliably determined by the phrasing — “God save the queen!” versus “I saved my queen!” — and of course all this informs the topic, the structure of the sentence, whether you’re expected to respond, and so on.

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