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“Artificial Intelligence” is Vintra’s weekly round-up of AI-related articles, blogs, videos, and papers we liked. 

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  • A look at how AI will augment, not replace, the modern day factory workforceRead the article here.  

    A BCG analysis found that use of AI can reduce producers’ conversion costs by up to 20%, with up to 70% of the cost reduction resulting from higher workforce productivity. … AI augments, rather than replaces, existing levers that producers apply to continuously improve productivity. It is among the main technological building blocks of Industry 4.0.

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  • How the data and surveillance boom is transforming law enforcement and justiceRead the article here. 

    Now the relationship between information and crime has changed in two ways, one absolute, one relative. In absolute terms, people generate more searchable information than they used to. Smartphones passively track and record where people go, who they talk to and for how long; their apps reveal subtler personal information, such as their political views, what they like to read and watch and how they spend their money. As more appliances and accoutrements become networked, so the amount of information people inadvertently create will continue to grow.

  • A computer learns how to create images of human faces.

  • Moving towards a future where animal testing may not be need, at allRead the article here.

    Machine-learning software trained on masses of chemical-safety data is so good at predicting some kinds of toxicity that it now rivals — and sometimes outperforms — expensive animal studies, researchers report.


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