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“Vintra Verdicts” is a regular blog posting about the successes our clients experience using our video analytics solution, FulcrumAI. 

Who: A detective from a small agency in the Pacific Northwest signed up for a trial account on the spot after seeing a quick demo of FulcrumAI at a regional conference. After using the solution the detective said, “Totally eye opening, for myself and the team. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have this. We saved hours and hours of time that would’ve been spent sitting down watching video.”


What: Multiple videos from a recent homicide at a Casino were uploaded into the solution. A majority of the video had previously been manually reviewed by the detective and his colleagues. 

  • Four suspects pointed accusatory fingers four different ways regarding a homicide outside of the Casino. Two of the suspects had confessed to the crime and also implicated two others as accessories to the murder. Those two were suspects were outstanding due to lack of evidence.
  • The detectives were tasked with searching 69 videos of surveillance footage, totaling 15+ hours, in an attempt to make the case against all four suspects.
  • Attempting to piece together the timeline leading up to the homicide, the detectives needed to identify one of the outstanding suspect’s vehicle — which they believed was used in the homicide to transport the shooters to the Casino.
  • The footage was grainy, taken from cheap cameras, and was long range video aimed down a dark alleyway. Two detectives each spent 8-10 hours manually reviewing the video a few weeks before using FulcrumAI. They could not identify the vehicle they were looking for.


  • Within minutes of using FulcrumAI, the detectives identified the suspects vehicle using the vehicle search feature and filtering by subtype. 
  • The detectives took their new findings back to the prosecutor, who was shocked by the ease and speed in using FulcrumAI. 
  • Charges were brought against the two outstanding suspects.


Check out the latest Case Study to see how one detective turned 743 hours of video into 4 hours of work and 1 felony charge. 



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