Vintra’s AI-powered Solution Transforms Traditional Video Analytics, Paves way for Customizable Future

FulcrumAI transforms investigations and real-time monitoring through deep learning artificial intelligence (AI)

San Jose, CA, April 11th – Vintra, a leading provider of AI-powered video analytic solutions, is announcing the general availability of FulcrumAI. The current, cloud-based offering, is a force multiplier for organizations who need to collect, analyze, and make sense of real-world video data, from fixed or mobile cameras, during investigations, post-incident reviews, and real-time monitoring.

Vintra’s AI-powered algorithms were built from the ground up, using the latest in deep learning technology, specifically for the public safety, transportation and enterprise sectors – and the real-world video they encounter. FulcrumAI’s cloud-based architecture option enables fast deployment, in the office or on the edge, and provides anyone with a web browser access to the solution. Users are delivered Appearance, Biometric, Object, Vehicle and Demographic intelligence via the user-friendly interface. FuclrumAI’s Community Contributor feature also enables agencies to send a secure upload link to video owners in the public. Invited individuals can upload video directly into the solution, saving precious time spent physically collecting crucial video. Vintra’s goal is to give the public the power to not just See Something, Say Something, but to See Something, Share Something.

“Video is expanding at an unrelenting pace, and we don’t have the human capacity to monitor, review, and take action on it in a timely manner,” said Brent Boekestein, CEO of Vintra. “At Vintra, we are using new types of AI-algorithms, and a scalable cloud architecture, to bring three letter agency-grade video analytics and intelligence to everyone. We can accurately mine video for a wide range of data that, only a few years ago, was very challenging to do, in the end turning mountains of previously unusable unstructured data into structured, actionable intelligence.”

By Q3 2018, FulcrumAI’s force multiplying capabilities will be available real-time through its on-premises solution. All of the search capabilities will be strengthened by the ability to set real-time alerts as FulcrumAI’s algorithms run on streaming cameras, turning real-time monitoring into smart real-time monitoring.

Additionally, the cloud-based architecture supports future, user-created analytics for both cloud and on-premises users. “We have an outstanding initial package of capabilities for our customers,” Mr. Boekestein said, “but every customer’s needs are unique. Where our patent-pending solution is heading, is to deliver the ability to automatically, and quickly, create customized analytic sets. Coupled with the ability to engage the public in brand new ways, FulcrumAI’s comprehensive approach to analytics and intelligence not only augments investigative, operational and workplace conditions, but improves agency-community relations. In the end, it’s our goal to help our customers keep their people, places, and reputations safe. ”

Vintra was founded in 2016 by Mr. Boekestein and two leading computer vision experts, Dr. Ariel Amato and Dr. Angel Sappa, with the goal of creating safer communities and companies through DL-powered AI solutions.

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Vintra, Inc. // Know What The Cameras Know

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