Transforming Homicide Investigations: Vintra @ CHIA 2019

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Vintra was a proud sponsor of CHIA 2019, where we showcased the force-multiplying power of our video analytics solution, FulcrumAI. When homicide investigators are faced with hundreds of hours of video to review, FulcrumAI gives investigators the tools to find crucial evidence faster and more accurately, while repurposing their time for higher-value tasks related to the catching the killer. 


As part of Vintra’s commitment to CHIA and homicide investigators across the country, two Vintra team members gave a presentation of FulcrumAI to the CHIA audience on the main stage. If you missed the presentation, or would like to know more about how our solution can completely overhaul the way investigations are done — from video collection, to review and analysis, to reporting — click the button below to request a demo. 




We look forward to seeing you at CHIA next year, as well as these upcoming shows


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