White Paper – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Video Surveillance

White Paper

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Video Surveillance

What you’ll find inside the White Paper:

  • A brief overview of the history of Artificial Intelligence, what it is, and how it works
  • How AI effortlessly solves the main issues of video surveillance
  • Where AI is headed as it relates to video, and how to harness its power

From the White Paper:

… After twenty minutes analyzing or reviewing video on a single screen, humans lose 95% of their visual perceptivity. Add a second screen for an operator to monitor, and that rate is cut in half. Other studies have found that after twelve minutes of sustained video monitoring, an operator will miss 45% of screen activity, while after twenty-two minutes the operator begins to suffer from “video blindness” and will miss 95% of activity. How many clues have been missed by investigators or analysts simply because humans are incapable of successfully performing the task for the required amount of time? It is not a failure of the analyst, it’s simply genetics and a broken work process. One logical solution is to add more operators, thereby cutting down the amount of video each person is required to watch. Unfortunately, hiring additional operators is costly and still fails to address the fundamental problem plaguing the process: our limited attention span, fatigue, and even more basic complications like interruptions and distractions that make human video review problematic.

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