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CRE Insight Journal, September 2019

AI and Property Management

Check out the latest CRE Leader Insights interview with Vintra CEO Brent Boekestein.

In this video, Boekestein discusses the future role of deep learning video analytics in optimizing property management processes to adhere to complex compliance standards.

CRE Insight Journal, July 2019

The Role of AI in Security

Artificial intelligence has been working its way into several technological advancements. But how can it affect the operations of a building? Brent Boekestein, CEO and Co-Founder of Vintra, says AI could lead to the new future of property security. Gone are the days of rooms full of multiple monitors, the future could do that all for you.

Security Today, March 2019

Automating Critical Environments

Improving security and efficiency through AI should not be understated. Learn more about the future of AI and its role in security in mission critical environments.

Campus Security & Life Safety, March/April 2019

Automating Campus Security with Deep Learning Solutions

Advancements in computing power have made possible ground-breaking physical security solutions. 

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