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Vintra Lands a Perfect Score for Innovation in New Frost Radar™: Surveillance Analytics Report

June 7, 2022

“Prominent thought leader” outscores a field of 17 top brands for innovation and growth

San Jose, CA (June 7th, 2022) – Vintra, Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions, announced their outstanding performance in the new Frost

RadarSurveillance Analytics Report from the prominent research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Selected by the firm’s Global Security Research Team as a leading analytics provider, Vintra scored top marks ahead of a field of 17 companies benchmarked for growth and innovation, earning accolades as “one of the most prominent thought leaders for the analytics industry.”

“We are honored to have received this extraordinary evaluation from such a highly-regarded market intelligence firm,” said Brent Boekestein, CEO and Co-founder of Vintra. “This report validates the hard work our skilled team continues to do in order to deliver the industry’s best and most useful AI-powered video analytics solution.”

Vintra scored a perfect 5.00 out of 5.00 in Innovation for their superior flexibility, with the ability to operate on fixed, mobile, real-time, and recorded video feeds, along with the capability of deployment on-premises or in either Vintra’s or the user’s cloud environment. In the category of Growth, the company scored the high mark of 4.05 for their “impressive” progress versus other more established vendors in the surveillance analytics market.

The report notes that Vintra’s purpose-built machine learning algorithm is unique to the industry, enabling Vintra to operate a multi-class detector engineered to provide analysis results significantly faster than competing solutions. Additionally, Vintra’s purpose-built machine learning, which eliminates the need for customers to retrain a prebuilt algorithm to learn “normal” behaviors, helps eliminate analysis gaps and enables Vintra’s algorithm to reduce the biases exhibited by some training algorithms. This key differentiator is attractive to customers as it helps overcome many of today’s privacy and bias issues.

Further insights include the fact that Vintra’s partnerships with top VMS vendors enable the company to ensure that its analytics suite integrates seamlessly with the solutions their customers are using, saving development teams from unnecessary work.

The report concludes that Vintra’s solutions provide customers with holistic use that combines search, situational awareness and context, and preventative analytics, and notes that Vintra’s continued thought leadership and ability to customize its analytics suite to customer needs has allowed it to gain a significant presence among law enforcement, enterprise, and larger retail customers.

“Vintra’s advanced deep learning capabilities within their analytics offering remains highly unique in the overall surveillance industry,” said Danielle VanZandt Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “In addition, their ongoing thought leadership around AI algorithms and how they can advance security use-cases across industries places Vintra in the top tier of industry vendors.”

This exceptional honor continues Vintra’s rapid momentum in delivering AI-powered video analytics that improve how organizations and governments automatically monitor and search video for critical security and safety events. Most recently the company announced the 1.11 release of their award-winning product suite Vintra Fortify, with new features that make existing cameras smarter, enabling enterprise GSOC’s to add AI-powered capabilities rather than increase headcount. Vintra also recently announced a new integration that brings together Vintra Fortify and Genetec™ Security Center, leveraging deep learning-powered video intelligence to improve the way users search and monitor video for critical security and safety events.

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