The NEXT EVOLUTION of Smart Connected Buildings

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Vintra is a proud sponsor of Realcomm’s upcoming webinar, The Cloud, IoT, Sensors and More – The NEXT EVOLUTION of Smart Connected Buildings, on April 4th @ 9:30 am PST. 

About the webinar:

The concept of smart buildings has been around for decades. What’s different now are the multiple generations of technology we have seen throughout the years. At first ‘building automation’ was proprietary and single-source, next came ’connected’ buildings which introduced us to the internet. Today, next-level thinking includes an expanded use of the cloud, the inclusion of non-traditional smart edge devices found within the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, as well as integration into ERP’s other single purpose solutions and multiple telecommunication platforms. While the benefits of a smart connected building are great, the path to success is elusive. This webinar will feature the industries’ most accomplished smart building experts.

Visit Realcomm’s page to learn more about this webinar and their great selection of upcoming webinars. On October 3rd, Vintra CEO Brent Boekestein will be panelist on Realcomm’s webinar, Corporate Real Estate & Technology, the Importance of Developing a Strategy.

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