SDM Article

  FulcrumAI’s ability to analyze and search video from any camera source highlighted by SDM. “Deep-Learning Startup Leverages Purpose-Built Algorithms to Go Mobile With AI”. 

VentureBeat Article

    Vintra’s company launch has been picked up by VentureBeat. “Vintra raises $4.8 million to analyze camera footage with AI”. The article includes great insights on the video analytics market from CEO Brent Boekestein. 

Automating Critical Environments: Vintra’s Security Today article

  In the March/April issue of the Security Today magazine, an article by Vintra CEO and Co-Founder spotlights the many different ways that AI-powered video analytics can automate security in critical environments. What you’ll find in the article: AI augments a security team’s effectiveness through automated Watchlists and Blocklists that work 24/7 As mobile cameras become the new […]

Case Study: Bet on Red

Inside the Case Study: A major enterprise customer experienced the power of Vintra’s industry-leading multi-class detections They performed fast, accurate search of over 13 hours of video, instantly, and produced accurate results The customer easily created a Face-Rec powered Blocklist and caught an active member of the list

How AI can increase response time to false alarms of active shooters

Top 3 Takeaways 1.     With active shooter fatalities on the rise, your organization can’t afford to lag behind in times of emergency. 2.     False reports of active shooters lead to stress, trauma, and more in hidden costs for your organization. 3.     Empower your organization with AI-powered software in the time between alert and the arrival […]

The 5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing AI

1. Can you identify the risks that the technology addresses? 2. Can you ensure accurate data inputs? 3. How will the technology affect stakeholder relations and security practices? 4. Can it be tested to ensure transparency and accountability? 5. Will the technology be used in a manner that respects the autonomy of the people it […]

TSA Releases Biometric Roadmap

The TSA has announced plans for expanding the use of Biometrics: 1. Operationalize Biometrics for TSA Pre-check Travelers 2. Expand Biometrics to Additional Domestic Travelers 3. Develop Supporting Infrastructure for Biometric Solutions

How AI Prevents Workplace Violence

The Costs of Workplace Violence 1. $121 billion in annual losses due to workplace assaults 2. For every $1 invested in workplace safety, $3 or more is saved 3. From 2005 – 2017 42% of active shooter incidents in the United States occurred in places of commerce

The Physical Side of Data Breaches

3 Things to Know About Data Breaches 1. 15% of all cyber attacks have a physical component to them 2. The average cost of a data breach in 2017 was $7.01 million 3. AI-powered video analytics can augment physical security operations to reduce breach frequency

The $150k Problem with Courtesy

Below is an excerpt from the White Paper, “The AI (R)Evolution of Enterprise Security” What may seem like a small problem, tailgating or piggybacking through entryways can lead to an array of larger, and much more costly, safety concerns. In a survey done by IPVM, 61% of respondents said they either do nothing about tailgating or […]