Creating a Safer Environment for Higher-Education Institutions

Using AI-powered video analytics solutions to better protect and enable students, faculty and staff

2022 Trend #3: AI Literacy Will Become Table Stakes

The Global AI Adoption Index 2022 report recently found that 35% of organizations are deploying AI today and another 42% are exploring these types of technologies.

[Cybernews Interview] “It is hard to name an industry that would not benefit greatly from video analytics solutions”

While some doubt the necessity of video surveillance when it comes to physical security, experts emphasize that it’s better to be safe than sorry. It goes without saying that even simply having a CCTV camera installed can scare off a considerable number of potential intruders. But with AI-powered analytics, surveillance solutions can offer so much […]

How Deep is Your Net?

From the offices of the Vintra engineers — where racks of servers hum away, processing thousands of images through Vintra’s deep neural nets — an article was passed down the food chain to the marketing department for your consumption and intellectual provocation. The Limitations of Deep Learning for Vision and How We Might Fix Them, from […]

How bias can skew data sets, and what can be done to fix it

What is bias in data sets? What different types of bias can infiltrate my data? How has bias in data sets affected other artificial intelligence (AI) ventures? What can be done to ameliorate the effects of bias?

What increased debate about regulation means for AI

Top 3 Takeaways Congress is taking a closer look at ways to regulate artificial intelligence (AI). The appearance of unregulated AI-powered software can actually lead to an increased feeling of insecurity. There isn’t one established attitude on how, or if, to regulate AI technology and advances.