Vintra Prevent

Vintra Prevent

AI-powered video analytics to make your existing cameras smarter.

Total-Environment Intelligence

Vintra Prevent is an enterprise-grade video analytics solution that delivers actionable intelligence from your existing cameras. Unlike other solutions, Vintra Prevent supports the modern enterprise security strategy by working on fixed, PTZ, and mobile surveillance video feeds from in-car, dash, body, and drone-based cameras. Enterprise security leaders can use a single solution on their already installed cameras to detect potential threats earlier, respond to ongoing incidents smarter, and dramatically increase investigative results.

Search Video 10X Faster

In critical events, the time consuming search of video for a person or vehicle of interest is a roadblock to gaining situational awareness. Vintra’s video analytics can help. Click to watch the demo video to see Vintra Prevent in action.


Real-Time Analytics

Analyze an unlimited number of IP cameras for a wide variety of multi-class detections, select objects, direction of travel, zones of interest, custom analytics and more.

Investigative Video Review

Lightning fast search across all your owned cameras and easily introduce stored video from any camera source into the solution and perform powerful post-event searches.

Cost-Effectively Scale

Vintra’s solution has been optimized to the very latest in GPU servers, affording up to 80 cameras on a single server that can be purchased off-the-shelf.

Alerts That Work

Flexible, accurate, and easy to set-up alerts for watchlists, event detections and more. Vintra’s AI doesn’t overwhelm security operators with the false positives common in legacy analytics.

VMS Integrations

Vintra integrates with popular VMS providers such as Genetec, delivering a seamless, easy-to-use experience to the operator.

Superior Face Recognition

Our face recognition engine is purpose-built for video surveillance scenarios including BOLOs, blocklists, subject search, person Re-ID and access verification needs.

Demo Videos

Vintra Prevent 1.6 - Introduction
Rules & Alerts
Person Search
Vehicle Search
Case Management
Vintra allows our operators to find and focus on what matters most in real time, saving our company countless work hours.
John Mullins
Cybersecurity Specialist, AECI
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