• Genetec Security Center + Vintra

Proactive event alerts, increased real-time situational awareness and post-event video forensics

Genetec Security Center Integration​

Vintra Fortify easily integrates with Genetec Security Center, making an existing security solution that much more powerful via the power of AI. With a simple-to-use interface and the ability to search tens of thousands of images in just seconds, Vintra Fortify augments an already comprehensive VMS platform with unmatched technology and performance.

Vintra Fortify integration with Genetec Security Center provides enterprise-grade video analytics to drastically reduce the time required for forensic investigations, as well as enable faster response to live unfolding events. Users can rapidly search hours of recorded video from Genetec-connected cameras, whether they are fixed or mobile.

Force Multiplying Technology

Use our AI-powered operator to monitor and search hundreds or thousands of cameras 24×7 using purpose-built AI.

Post-Event Analysis

Improve investigations by 20x, repurpose thousands of hours, and collect video from the public with a click of the button.

Face Recognition (optional to use)

Whether searching one-to-one or one-to-many, our face rec has been built to work in challenging video scenarios, including mobile surveillance.

Real-Time Intelligence

Leverage a robust rules engine to set alarms for specific objects and object attributes, blocklists, intrusions and more.

The Vintra solution automates and supercharges the process by which you monitor live video and search recorded video for events that matter.

Real Time, AI Powered Object & Event Detection

Incorporating automated indexing of live video streams and detailed security workflows, Vintra Fortify also provides accurate real-time event alerts and enhanced situational awareness, opening up a host of use cases that go well-beyond forensic investigations.

Person Search

Identify people, and refine your search by color of clothing, age range classification, glasses detection, gender, face coverings (masks) and by direction of travel. Vintra Fortify enables security operations to leverage video to take a proactive security posture.

Post-Event Analysis

Advanced object detection allows you to find people and vehicles by subtype, color, and direction of travel. Identify bags, long guns, person down, and other objects to support various use cases. By connecting Vintra fortify to Genetec’s Security Center, cameras can be instantly indexed to power lightning-fast search on fixed or mobile cameras.


Re-identify targets with one click based on Vintra’s state of the art re-identification technology. Traditional systems struggle to re-identify a person when there is not a face to detect or when there is wide variability in the camera field of view. Our Re-ID solution has been built to work without requiring a face and across multiple types of camera field of views. Users can take a detection of a person or a vehicle found in a search or alert of one camera stream and with a single click quickly find similar occurrences of that specific object in other streams or clips with industry-leading accuracy.

Robust Rules Engine

Alerts generated by real-time rules are received in Security Desk’s Alarm Monitoring task and powered by AI, so you’ll get less false positives than legacy analytics. An object detection, person identification & classification, vehicle identification & classification, and more can all be done in a single interface. Vintra’s Rules Engine allows for custom scheduling, alerting on specific object types & attributes, and setting priority for alerts from each rule.

Low-Latency Alerts

Manage alerts triggered from Vintra’s advanced video analytics, Vintra Fortify directly in the UI or from within Genetec’s Security Desk. Vintra Fortify includes enhanced ways to sort and filter incoming alerts to efficiently manage events.

Optional Advanced Face Recognition

Vintra Fortify is one of the most accurate face recognition solutions on the market as measured on the industry-standard RFW dataset. It also has one of the lowest bias rates on the market, which compares performance between individuals of different ethnic backgrounds. Employ advanced face recognition to be alerted on or find specific subjects in any type of video

Built-In Case Management & Reporting

Robust case management capabilities to support real time or post-event investigations. Search across your entire camera network or upload new videos from any camera source to increase overall intelligence and clearance rates. Supports ongoing research and iterative case management tasks such as data aggregation and reporting.

Extensible API / SDK

Deep integration with Genetec Security Center to deliver real-time, total-environment intelligence from any camera source, fixed or mobile. Enterprise users can also leverage Vintra’s API to mine the metadata produced by the analytics to deliver insights for security, safety, and operational use cases.

Tested and Approved Enterprise-Grade Architecture

Vinta Prevent (real-time solution) can be deployed via an enterprise grade appliance that has been tested and approved to seamlessly work with any Genetec’s Security Center deployment. Our technology uses the latest NVIDIA GPU’s for efficient and cost-effective server-side processing that can be easily retrofitted into any existing Genetec deployment. Customers do not have to rip and replace camera or VMS infrastructure to get advanced analytics with the Genetec and Vintra integration. The hardware is Vintra-certified, Genetec-tested and can be purchased as a bundle including software subscription, services, set-up and configuration from our certified fulfillment partner.

Video Allies

Collaborate across your organization and/or externally to collect video surveillance footage to support your investigations. Easily invite users to contribute video via a secure link to your case. Reject or accept video evidence that will help to increase intelligence and time to case closure. Supports receiving video from both fixed and mobile video cameras.

Plug & Play

Works with any IP-based fixed or mobile video (dash, body, drone) so you can buy one solution for the cameras in use today and the ones that will power the security operations of the future.

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