Public Safety

Video Analytics Software For Public Safety

Vintra is changing Public Safety through AI-Powered Video Analytics


FulcrumAI powers a 20x improvement in central monitoring and video review through cutting-edge collection, analysis, sharing and collaboration tools. Whether you run a city-wide RTCC, investigations team, or an intelligence analysis unit, Vintra’s comprehensive approach to video analytics enables operators, investigators, and analysts to stop watching and start solving.

Reduce Time

Save up to 80% of time normally spent on video review and transform overwhelming amounts of video into actionable intelligence.

Increase Accuracy

Human reviewers miss 50% of objects after 20 minutes of video review. FulcrumAI doesn’t rest until it finds the needle in the haystack.

Flexible Integrations

Easily deploy the secure cloud solution in minutes; the on-premises solution integrates with your existing VMS or EMS.

By the Numbers

Wage spend savings
Improvement in investigative speed


*assumes a 50 detective agency, 2.5 hours per week of video review per detective

It was amazing. I was looking for a specific person amongst more than 80 hours of convenience store footage. FulcrumAI found them right away and saved me days of review.
Detective, Dublin, CA