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Video data is exploding in size. The sheer volume of available video, and the man hours required to monitor and review it, overwhelms many enterprises. FulcrumAI powers a huge improvement in central monitoring and video review through real-time analytics and lightning-fast video review. The comprehensive approach to video analytics enables camera operators and investigators to deploy face recognition, set event alerts, quickly find suspects by their biometrics or appearance, detect intrusions, and more.

Re-Purpose Personnel

Stop monitoring video. Free-up more than 25% of your security team’s hours for higher-value, more proactive work.

Deploy Anywhere

FulcrumAI can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises as a standalone solution, or integrated into your current VMS.

Intelligence Delivered

Security, business and operation analytics delivered through one comprehensive solution that integrates with your existing cameras.

By The Numbers

Security guards
Hours monitoring video
$ B
In wages spent
Our security team uses Vintra to build watchlists of individuals that are threats to our staff and organization. We previously had security personnel attempt to monitor key entrances in real-time — we now get real-time alerts. It required no special cameras or custom hardware to deploy, and worked out of the box with great accuracy.
Director of Security
Multinational Bank

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