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What's New

Product Release Notes & Updates


New Face Covering Detector


  • Vintra unveils a new face covering detector to enable organizations to maintain safety protocols. The new feature can be used to search for and do real-time alerting on people not wearing a face covering. Alerts are only available for Vintra’s FulcrumAI Real Time on-premise solution.
COVID-19 Feature: Face Covering Detector
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New Face Classifiers

New / Updated

  • Our 1.8 product release includes enhancements to our face search capabilities to help to detect a person’s face given occlusions, personal accessories and other defining human characteristics. The new classifiers include a face covering detector, glasses, and gender (male/female). These new classifiers are most representative of a person’s face and will help to accurately classify a face versus a non-face image and improve overall accuracy.
Screenshot of FulcrumAI search
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Multi-Class Targets and Target Lists


  • Users can now create ‘vehicle’ and ‘body’ targets from detections (previously could only use a ‘face’ detection to create a new target).
  • Create a new target from a face, body or vehicle and include them in a Target List. Combine as many targets as you want and search for them in post-event investigations or in real-time across multiple camera streams.
FulcrumAI 1.8 Release: Create New Target
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  • Apply sub-filters and sorting search results in different ways including similarity, source, target name and time.
FulcrumAI 1.8 Release: Sorting
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Target Tracker


  • Target Tracker searches are now capable to re-identify a person or vehicle target across a month’s worth of data from a large number of cameras (on-premises version).


  • Upgraded database to power our Target Tracker re-identification based searches, resulting in a 1- to 2-order of magnitude improvement on most searches (on-premises version). 
  • Improvements to tracking via new/better models for generating target signatures.
System Installation & Operation

Updated / Fixed

  • Rebuilt system installer to improve initial installations and upgrades, both online and offline (on-premises version).

Updated / Fixed

  • Updated the API Region-of-Interest filter so users can retrieve just the portion of an object’s path that falls within a specific region.
Monthly Subscription Model


  • Starting with this version, Vintra has a new purchase option – a monthly subscription bundle that includes hardware. No large up front purchase is required to get going, pricing is set per camera per month for software, hardware and support. 
  • Add Vintra’s advanced video analytics capabilities to your existing surveillance system
  • Plug & play with existing VMS (Genetec)
  • 1 year minimum commitment
FulcrumAI Appliance bundle
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Integration with Genetec’s Security Center


  • As always, available in our Genetec integration
Genetec Logo
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1.6 Release Notes

Available for searching in both Investigator & Real Time; available for alerting-on in Real Time only.

Available for searching in both Investigator & Real Time; available for alerting-on in Real Time only.

Available for searching in both Investigator & Real Time; available for alerting-on in Real Time only.

Target Tracker was developed as a direct result of members of the Vintra customer community wanting to increase situational awareness, and the need to find people of interest. With Target Tracker, you can locate a Target across multiple scenes and camera locations without using data from the face as a primary input.

Similar to Person Target Tracker, this feature empowers users with the ability to search for and locate a specific vehicle across multiple scenes and cameras without the use of data from the vehicle’s license plate.

  • Rules engine 2.0 (Real Time only) allows for custom scheduling, alerting on specific object types & attributes (including the new object types and events), and setting priority for alerts from each rule
  • Improved alerting page (Real Time only) with more / better ways to sort & filter
  • Improved Face Recognition updates to the face recognition module include increased accuracy on non-caucasian ethnicities and women. Vintra built its own heterogenous training data set from more than 50 countries around the world, resulting in one of the lowest published bias rates on the popular “Racial Faces in the Wild” validation dataset.
  • We have renamed “SUBJECTS” to “TARGETS” throughout the product — to reflect the fact that in the very near future it will be possible to search for specific non-human objects (stay tuned!).
1.5 Release Notes

Browser UX is on-par with the Genetec Plugin in support of Real Time (cameras, rules) and Investigator (cameras).

A single, easily accessible page containing rich user learning content and access to Support: How-to Videos, User Documentation, What’s New and Support Contact Information including live chat.

Guides are available for the following personas:

  • End User, Operator, Investigators
  • Administrator
  • System Installer

Administrators can view details on who and how users have been interacting with the system. Useful for: measuring value and stickiness of FulcrumAI, training needs and for security auditing.

​Several user interface changes to increase the usability of the system.​

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