Security Transformation Resource Center


The Security Transformation Resource Center provides security professionals with the information and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about improving and enhancing comprehensive physical security programs. Deep learning-powered video analytics seamlessly integrated into your VMS delivers measurably better security outcomes while streamlining the security operations process.


The Analytics Foundry

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Inside the white paper: The Analytics Foundry enables Vintra customers to have custom-made algorithms built to solve their unique security and safety issues. Learn how.


AI (R)Evolution of Enterprise Security


  • Inside the white paper: in a survey of 231 CFOs, it was found that for every $1 spent on improving or upgrading safety and security, they experienced savings of $4.41 on average.


The Future of AI & Video Surveillance


  • Inside the white paper: a brief overview of the history of Artificial Intelligence, what it is, how it works, and where it’s headed as relating to video surveillance

Bet on Red


  • In this case study, Vintra’s on-premises deployment on FulcrumAI was put to the test during a recent installation at a major enterprise customer’s site.

The Running Man


  • In this case study, ne detective was able to transform 743 hours of surveillance video into 4 hours of work to make a felony case.  

The Bank Robbery


  • In this case study, detectives use subject search and face recognition, coupled with vehicle search, to identify the second at-large suspect of a bank robbery.


Vintra’s co-founders Ariel Amato and Brent Boekestein share their ideas regarding AI Technology.  Read our “Guiding Principles to AI Technology Development”.  Learn more
Get connected with a Vintra Security Transformation Specialist to see a demo and learn how to integrate Video Analytics into your security strategy, program and roadmap.

Use Cases

Blocklists & BOLOs

Person Re-Identification

Weapon Detection

Appearance & Subject Search

Situational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

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