National Security

Video Analytics Software For National Security

Transform large-scale video datasets into actionable intelligence with AI-powered video analytics.

National Security & Safety

Vintra’s FulcrumAI is a next generation video understanding solution built on proprietary object and event detection algorithms. It integrates with existing cameras and augments human intelligence and expertise with technology that makes video manageable and useful. Vintra lets analysts spend less time watching video and more time understanding and leveraging it to achieve the mission.

Add AI to Any Camera

FulcrumAI supports national security use cases by powering fast search and smart alerts on nearly any type of camera, including fixed, PTZ, and mobile surveillance (in-vehicle, dash, body, and drone-base) feeds.

Support Any Use Case

FulcrumAI is uniquely capable of providing AI-powered intelligence for proactive, real-time, and post-event use cases in a single application. Set smart alerts for intrusions, boundary crossings, blocklists, and safelists. Search for a wide range of objects and events based on descriptive and unique attributes that are critical to intelligence operations.

Deploy Flexibly

FulcrumAI’s modern, containerized tech is available for on-premises or cloud deployments that can support base, field, or intel use cases. It easily scales to indexing hundreds of live cameras and tens of thousands of hours of recorded video clips in a single application.

See FulcrumAI Target Tracker in Action

Deriving insights and actionable intelligence from large volumes of real-time cameras or archived video is a perennial challenge for the Intelligence and National Security community. Vintra’s state of the art Target Tracker lets analysts find a person or vehicle across large-scale video datasets (fixed or mobile cameras) with a single click. It works without a traditional input detection of a face or license plate by creating a unique 128 dimension signature of the whole object that can be searched or alerted on.