FulcrumAI Real-Time

Video Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence, hosted in your environment

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Harness the power of AI to minimize risk, respond faster, and make better decisions

FulcrumAI Real-Time is the first enterprise-grade video analytics solution that has been built from the ground up using cutting-edge AI-algorithms. Modern enterprises can now add AI to all of their cameras and take advantage of powerful real-time event alerts, face recognition for watchlists and anti-tailgating applications, and lightning fast video search in a single solution. Whereas legacy systems only work on fixed and PTZ cameras in stable lighting environments, Vintra’s FulcrumAI Real-Time supports the modern enterprise security strategy by working on fixed, PTZ, and mobile surveillance video feeds from in-car, dash, body, and drone-based cameras.


Immediate ROI

Human operators can’t monitor video for long periods of time. Unleash FulcrumAI to turn reactive security personnel into a proactive force, repurposing hours and wage spend for more important tasks.

Real-Time Analytics

FulcrumAI can analyze an unlimited number of IP cameras in real-time for face recognition, custom analytics, events, people (clothing, gender), vehicles (9 classes), selected objects, direction of travel, color and more.

Cost-Effectively Scale

Vintra’s solution takes advantage of powerful new AI technology to enable a single GPU processor to analyze up to 80 IP camera streams in real-time.

Alerts That Work

Flexible, accurate, and easy to set-up alerts for watchlists, event detections and more. Vintra’s AI doesn’t overwhelm security operators with the false positives common in legacy analytics.

Superior Face Recognition

Our face recognition engine is purpose-built for video surveillance applications including BOLO's, programmatically managed watchlists, subject search, and access verification needs.

Investigative Video Review

Lightning fast AI-powered search across all your cameras for a wide variety of events, objects, and attributes, or, easily introduce stored video from any type of camera into the solution and perform powerful post-event searches.

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