VMS Integrations

Total-Environment Intelligence

FulcrumAI Real Time is the first enterprise-grade solution that delivers actionable intelligence from any camera source and works with a customer's existing camera network. Whereas legacy systems only work on fixed and PTZ cameras in stable lighting environments, Vintra’s FulcrumAI Real Time supports the modern enterprise security strategy by working on fixed, PTZ, and mobile surveillance video feeds from in-car, dash, body, and drone-based cameras. With FulcrumAI Real Time, you no longer need multiple solutions to meet your various security and safety needs.

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Superior Face Recognition

Our face recognition engine is purpose-built for video surveillance scenarios including BOLOs, blocklists, subject search, person re-id and access verification needs.

Real-Time Analytics

Analyze an unlimited number of IP cameras for a wide variety of mutli-class detections, select objects, direction of travel, zones of interest, custom analytics and more.

Cost-Effectively Scale

Vintra’s solution has been optimized to the very latest in GPU servers, affording up to 80 cameras on a single server that can be purchased off-the-shelf.

Alerts That Work

Flexible, accurate, and easy to set-up alerts for watchlists, event detections and more. Vintra’s AI doesn’t overwhelm security operators with the false positives common in legacy analytics.

VMS Integrations

FulcrumAI integrates with popular VMS providers, like Genetec, delivering a seamless, easy-to-use experience to the operator.

Investigative Video Review

Lightning fast search across all your owned cameras and easily introduce stored video from any camera source into the solution and perform powerful post-event searches.

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