FulcrumAI Investigator

FulcrumAI Investigator

Video Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence, hosted securely in the cloud

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Stop watching. Start Solving.

FulcrumAI Investigator is the first video analytics solution that has been built from the ground up using cutting-edge AI-algorithms that empowers investigators and analysts to complete days of video review in minutes. Instead of just sitting there and pressing play, investigators are able to extract critical actionable-intelligence within minutes of videos being uploaded and processed, helping them to solve cases quicker.


Face Recognition

Use Vintra’s face recognition to find a subject in any video by uploading a photo, integrating it with your list of suspects, or using a face captured in the video itself.

No Hardware Required

FulcrumAI Investigator's secure cloud-based deployment allows you to be up and running in minutes.

Search Any Video

Search hundreds of videos simultaneously, from any camera source, for persons, faces, subject search, vehicles, objects and multiple classifications within each category.

Codec Agnostic

The solution supports nearly any codec, so you can simply upload and search video without having to find players or unpack the file yourself.

Video Allies

Business owners, community members, and trusted individuals can upload video directly into the solution through a secure upload url. Gone are the days of physically collecting video.


Hosted in the AWS cloud, video is encrypted on the way up and down, and stored in three separate geographical locations inside the USA for triple redundancy.

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