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The Analytics Foundry enables Security Professionals to build and maintain the safest and most productive organizations in the world.

Weapon Detector

In response to the unfortunate reality facing America today, the first detector built for an enterprise customer using the Analytics Foundry is a weapon detector.

Watch the video below

Why the Analytics Foundry?

A Q&A with Vintra CTO, Dr. Ariel Amato, on AI, biases in data models used in AI, and the future promise of computer vision in safety and security.

Read the interview with Dr. Amato (coming soon!)

How it works

Our first project was for a customer looking to prevent mass shootings on campus. Watch the video to find out how we empowered our customer's security team with the ability to detect, prevent and respond faster and more effectively to threats involving a weapon.

3 Steps to Success with the Analytics Foundry


Tell us about your unique use case


Vintra formulates an ideal solution


Real Time detector created

What's your use case for the Analytics Foundry?