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2019 SIA New Product Showcase

Vintra takes home another trophy! We are thrilled to announce that our video analytics solution, FulcrumAI, has been selected as Best in Video Analytics by the Security Industry Association at the New Product Showcase awards during ISC West 2019. The award recognizes outstanding and innovative security solutions.

2019 Govie Award

Security Today selected Vintra's FulcrumAI as a winner in their annual Govie Awards in the Video Analytics category. The Govies Government Security Awards honor outstanding government security products, like FulcrumAI, that empower public safety organizations with tools to protect and keep citizens safe.

2019 Secure Campus Awards

Campus Security and Life Safety chose Vintra's FulcrumAI as a winner in two categories for their 2019 Secure Campus Awards. FulcrumAI was selected as a winner in both the Cloud Solution & Services category, as well as the Video Surveillance Software category. The Secure Campus Awards honor the outstanding security products that are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to measurably improve campus security.

Vintra in the News

The Jack Bauers of Europe Love Facial Recognition

"But what about a ticking time-bomb event, a child being kidnapped, a gunman on the loose? That’s surely worth inconveniencing 100 people? “If we have missing kids, sex trafficking, active shooter, active terrorist threat, let’s agree as a community that we’re going to turn this technology on,” says Brent Boekestein, CEO of Vintra Inc., an AI-video analytics startup."

Start-Ups that Change the Game in Video Analytics & Deep Learning

"Vintra builds solutions that leverage deep learning across video and other data sources, to optimize and deliver actionable intelligence for enterprises and public sector organizations around security, safety and productivity."

Getting to Know the World of Business Intelligence

"The concept of business intelligence can seem overwhelming at first. Brent Boekestein, CEO, Vintra Inc., San Jose, Calif., breaks BI down into six buckets: security, safety, operations, space utilization/optimization, compliance and productivity. “Security, we know,” he says. Safety, he says, is a close cousin of security. Operations is how a business or physical space is run and maintained in a world-class fashion. Space utilization uses data to help a business decide how much space they truly need or how a space is being used. Compliance is regulation that requires them to do something. Business productivity is efficient use of materials or processes."

AI and Property Management (video)

"CRE Leaders must meet all the challenges and opportunities created by the rapid pace of technological change. One major technological trend is in the area of Artificial Intelligence or AI. In this video, Brent Boekestein discusses the future of AI and how it is and will continue to change the commercial real estate industry, property management and building operations."

The Role of AI in Security (video)

"Artificial intelligence has been working its way into several technological advancements. But how can it affect the operations of a building? Brent Boekestein, CEO and Co-Founder of Vintra, says AI could lead to the new future of property security. Gone are the days of rooms full of multiple monitors, the future could do that all for you."

Vintra at GSX 2019

"Vintra is making it easier than ever before to deploy their cutting-edge, on-premises video analytics solution, FulcrumAI. Available in bundles that support 20, 50, or 100 deployed cameras, the FulcrumAI Appliance is an all-in-one solution that includes a server running FulcrumAI – configurable for real-time facial recognition and general detection streams."

Vintra Integrates with Genetec to Enable AI-Powered Video Analytics within Security Center Platform

"The full power of FulcrumAI is now available as an SDK integration with Security Center. ... FulcrumAI gives organizations the brain capable of analyzing the burgeoning amount of video data streaming from fixed and mobile cameras, integrated directly into the Genetec Security Center platform."

Vintra Integrates With Genetec to Enable AI-Powered Video Analytics

"Genetec customers can now benefit from FulcrumAI, Vintra’s deep learning video analytics solution integrated with Genetec Security Center to deliver real-time, total-environment intelligence from any camera source, fixed or mobile."

Vintra brings mobile video into the world of AI-powered video analytics

"Though there have been a number of companies, both household names and upstarts, which have rolled out their own AI-powered video analytic solutions in recent years, Brent Boekestein, CEO of AI video analytics developer Vintra, says one thing many have failed to take into account is the impact that mobile video is going to have on the industry moving forward."

Vintra Raises 4.8M

"San Jose startup Vintra ... announced that it has raised $4.8 million from Bonfire Ventures, Vertex Ventures, London Venture Partners, and other investors. Vintra CEO Brent Boekestein says the funds will be used to acquire new customers and expand the company’s product offerings."

Vintra Launches AI Video Analytics Solution

"Vintra can transform visual data from any camera – including mobile sources like drones and dash cams – into actionable, tailored intelligence with proprietary deep learning algorithms."

Improve Safety And Security At Work Places

"Vintra works with private companies, higher education, and law enforcement to transform visual data from any camera – including, remarkably, mobile sources like drones and dash cams."

Recent Thought-Leadership Articles

Automating Critical Environments

"While the optics of a security guard attentively staring at multiple screens may convey a sense of security, and provide a nominal amount of enhanced perimeter security, in reality a human’s ability to perform this mundane, but critical, task is severely limited."

Automating Campus Security with Deep Learning Security Solutions

"There are many ways to upgrade a campus’ physical safety (HID cards, various IoT apps, physical barriers) but in most cases security teams are still left responding to incidents. The exciting future of campus security, made possible by AI, is in preventing incidents. Campus security stakeholders can deploy intelligent, real-time, on-premises security solutions powered by deep learning AI and video analytics, today, that integrate with their current surveillance infrastructure."

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